African Animals And Guided Tours In Disney Orlando?

All of us know that Disney World Florida do not have theme parks in Africa. Well, for a bit not yet. Then why is it that individuals are discussing taking a vacation in Disney’s African theme park lodge?

They are really talking about The Animal Kingdom Vacation Lodge which is in the southwest corner of Disney Orlando situated near the Animal Kingdom amusement park. This excitingly themed and fascinating lodge was formally stated opened in 2001. The Animal Kingdom Lodge is a combination of African tribal native architecture with the unique rugged design of East African National Park lodges. The Animal Kingdom Vacation Lodge was designed by Peter Dominick of Disney’s Wilderness Lodge fame.

Stunningly impressive view of the 33 acre terrain architecture with flowing streams and raised rock outcroppings can be watched from half of the rooms at the lodge. Hundreds of friendly animals and birds of mostly African origin roam easily at the location. Many of the practically 1,300 spaces are about 340 square feet huge and embellished with handmade African furniture and home furnishings. Practically all rooms have a balcony to watch the remarkable surrounding.

The Animal Kingdom Lodge likewise offer fine dining in a casual setting at the Jiko restaurant. Jiko serves light, fast and easy meals. Another dining establishment, the Boma is a family restaurant. This restaurant is the African variation of the Whispering Canyon dining establishment found at the Fort Wilderness Lodge and Villas. Boma serves buffet food in African thatched roofing systems and the majority of dishes are grills – African tribal style cooking.

The Animal Kingdom Lodge is connected to the remainder of the Disney Orlando by buses as its area is rather remote and out of the way.

There are 2 wings at the resort, branching from the rear of the resort are the Kudu Trial and Zebra Trial forming a semi circle the main wildlife savanna. Each wing have seven five story structures with visitor rooms for visitor to stay.

The best spaces are on third and fourth floors. This is since these spaces are high enough to look the entire savanna and yet at the same time simply low enough to appreciate the flora and fauna at nearly ground eye level. The second storey rooms are too low to watch the savanna and spaces on the fifth floor are too high up for seeing the friendly animals close up.

There are two smaller wings called the Ostrich Trail and the Giraffe Trial. Nevertheless, rooms from these wings do not enjoy deem stunning as the ones at the Kudu and Zebra Trail.

By remaining in The Animal Kingdom Resort, you not only have a Walt Disney World vacation, however a touch of the African plains too. Fascinating mix, do not you believe so? So if you are thinking about taking a Disney vacation, why rule out remaining at the Animal Kingdom Lodge at Walt Disney World?


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